Are You Looking To Sell Your Property In The Next 6-12 Months?

If So, Reading This Information Could Mean The Difference Between Actually Selling Your Home Rather Than Just Listing It!

Unfortunately, most methods used by todays real estate professionals do very little to actually get your home sold. To sell a home requires much more than photos, a description, curb appeal and MLS exposure.

It Takes A Team...With An Exceptional Marketing Plan...That Will Follow Up On All The Details!

A Team With A Strong Daily Pulse on The Market.

A Team That Has A Track Record of Getting Results.

A Team That Understands Your Needs At Their Deepest Core.

It Also Helps To Have Strong Relationships With Other Top Producing Agents, Industry Leading Mortgage Companies and Title Representatives That Make This Experience A Painless, Pleasant Experience.

At Pin-MD We Have A Systematic, Proven Process for Marketing Properties, Getting Results and Getting Your Property SOLD.

If You Are Looking To Sell Your Property, Rather Than Just List It...You Owe It To Yourself To Experience The SmartSell Difference.

The SmartSell Property Selling System was created specifically for you. Whether you are looking for a more exposure, creative solutions to selling your property and still collecting an income, SmartSell allows you to sell your property for the most money, in the shortest time, with the least amount of hassle. Typical methods of selling homes are no longer as effective as they used to be. Contacting your local neighbor who is a Realtor or simply pulling the postcard from the most recent solicitation rarely provide satisfying results. We have created multiple custom solutions to help you sell your property that provide you with comprehensive, personalized results to selling your property.

SmartSell for Retail Property:

If you are interested in selling your property to a well deserving homeowner or family, our SmartSell Retail program offers comprehensive solutions to help you find the perfect buyer. Our team began searching for a buyer for your home months ago through our intensive marketing efforts we employ throughout local communities. Many times, our staff may be currently working with a buyer or has a buyer in mind that is interested in your home. The SmartSell System reduces market time, saves you on additional holding costs and often times gets your property multiple offers within the first few days of being offered for sale. Let one of our licensed seller representatives offer a free consultation on selling your home or property.


SmartSell for Investors:

If you are an investor looking to sell your property and would like to continue to collect a secured interest income EVERY MONTH, SmartSell for Investors was designed with you in mind. Many times, we find that property owners and landlords do not want to lose their income, yet want to capture the equity of today's current real estate market. The SmartSell for Investors allows you lock in today's price and receive secured monthly installment payments over a predetermined period of time. This program is perfect for the investor who wants income, collateral and to preserve his principle all while earning interest on his principle asset.


Download Your Free Report Here About The SmartSell Property Selling System or Call Our Free 24 Hour Prerecorded Message (855-792-SELL Ext 100) To Find Out How You Can Sell Your Property, For The Most Money, With The Least Amount of Hassle.



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